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Artwork Transfer

Most files can be sent to us via e-mail but if they are too large, you can transfer them to us via Dropbox or any other form of online file transfer.

Vector Art (used for engraving, logos, vinyl cutting, etc.)

Vector (or line art) can be scaled while keeping the crisp quality of your artwork. It is also needed for engraving work and cut vinyl. Raster files, such as JPG, BMP, and TIFF lose quality as you increase their size, therefore we prefer to work with vector files to give you the best look possible. While most of our work is done in Corel or FlexiSign, we can use the following file formats:

  • Illustrator AI
  • PDF
  • EPS


We are able to print photos on banners and on metal. Whenever possible the highest quality file is needed to achieve the best results.

  • High Quality JPG, BMP or TIFF